It’s not about us, it’s all about you and how we can contribute to your efforts.

The OctoUX team lives and breathes Marketing & Customer Relationship Management. We've been working with and implementing these systems for years. We know what an effective tool should do and it's our job to bring HubSpot to life for you and your team.


Working together, we will optimize HubSpot CRM for your business and train you to effectively use the system. 


Having a small team of experienced professionals dedicated to your success is key. We would like to be your partner for success.



Our Journey - we shifted from Big CRM Software Deployments to a lighter, faster approach with HubSpot.

I worked with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system starting in 2010 and others on our team have worked with Big Companies, using expensive CRM tools like Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce and Blackbaud. These systems are great when big companies need unlimited flexibility. And for large companies with Big Budgets...these systems work well. You'll want experts and highly trained administrations plus the ongoing assistance from consultants with these ultra-powerful systems.


We knew there had to be a better way than to shrink these systems down for small teams in the economic development ecosystem. 


We found HubSpot and have not looked back.


HubSpot is Simple.

The 4  main components in HubSpot are




Leads, Properties, Incentives, Programs, etc. are still covered - without the layers of added complexity.  You see, everytime a new "object" is created or used in a database system, it adds layers of complexity to the system (salesforce - Microsoft).


Example: Salesforce and Microsoft both have a separate record for Leads (called an entity or object). This alone can get confusing. A Lead can't be associated with a company, contact or opportunity / project until it's been "converted" so it's never clear when that should happen or everyone converts the lead whenever they see fit to do so. The data in the Lead Record when converted, pushed into the 3 new record types (Company, Contact and Opportunity).


The advantage of having these objects is that you can create new ones for most anything - but remember, these objects are related and must be carefully tied back to and through the other layers. It's a spider's web and needs to be carefully controlled. 


No Programmers. 

With HubSpot - You don't need to learn Apex programming language (salesforce) or navigate Micrsoft's ever changing landscape of tools (Power Apps - powerBI, powerflow, and microsoft flow)....


And smaller, proprietary systems don't have open access that will allow you to connect these systems to other popular tools like mailchimp, eventbrite, outlook, gmail, surveygizmo, asana, slack, etc. Programming changes will need to be handled by "their programming team" which means cost and delay in many cases.


Updating the HubSpot CRM system is super easy. This means that over time, you can self-manage the system - perhaps you need to add or modify 10 fields. Approximate time - 10-30 minutes. Cost - ZERO when you do this on your own and without programmers.



Live Support

Some HubSpot licenses (Professional and Enterprise level) come with direct, live phone support from HubSpot included.

Salesforce, HubSpot and Microsoft all have great online tools and communities. You can get support from Salesforce & Microsoft directly too - just ask about the price and be prepared for a Big Number.


Smaller, proprietary systems can't match these online tools and communities.


Check out the HubSpot tools here: 


Competitor Online Communities

We don't expect to win every deal. In some cases, you'll be better served by our competitors. If this is the case - we will tell you who to work with ((best companies in their partner channel) and why. Note: lot's of EDO's use salesforce for CRM - they were first to market. Some companies are stuck with salesforce and others just love it - that's cool with us! We can still help - HubSpot's Marketing Suite has a direct interface to salesforce. In fact...
Several Salesforce & Microsoft partners working with economic developers use HubSpot for their internal marketing efforts. And we know of 1 company that uses HubSpot for their internal CRM and Marketing efforts - not the product that they are selling you! 


Tom Wengler - StartUp & Industry Experience:

  • Owner, Osiris - Sales & Marketing Coaching for Entrepreneurs and Startups
  • Partner, SRC Technology Firm (IT, app development, CRM, ERP, and web design)
  • Co-Founder CRM firm (Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner focused on Economic Development - Cloud Nine Solutions - sold to PA Group, USA / Gruppo PA, Italy)
  • Co-Founder SocialBot - Ad Tech for Automotive (current)
  • Co-Founder OctoUX (current)

I've coached and trained hundreds of small companies and have worked across the economic development spectrum. I have a passion for helping communities grow their business ecosystems and see this work as my contribution to the high purpose and calling for economic development. It's been an interesting journey that began with a really great keg party.


On behalf of our entire team, we look forward to the possibility of contributing to your efforts and playing a role in your success.


- Tom Wengler