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Researching Software options for your Economic Development Team?

Don't get "Sold" - Follow These 3 Easy Steps to Make the Right Decision.

 Define your Software Requirements in 3 Steps

1. Define the Data you will need to capture for Reporting

2. Set your software foundation.

3. Define your Marketing & CRM goals.

surveys? events? BRE? email marketing?
projects? grants? loans?
project compliance?





Here are a few reports on a HubSpot Dashboard.

Your progress reports pay the bills.


Data Builds Trust
  • Your reports drive the data points that will be captured in CRM.
  • If you're reporting on Marketing and Leads... you'll want a marketing platform too.
  • If you're not happy with your reports today - look to the annual reports from other organizations to get ideas or explore our EDO reports library.


In our experience, you'll want a few tools that work together.


Microsoft Office 365 or Google's G-Suite?


These tools work with HubSpot and provide a solid foundation.


Be sure to see how Office works with HubSpot and other CRM + Marketing Tools too.



You can see them all here.

Pro Tip: too many tools creates confusion! You want a small number of systems that work well together.

  • Outlook*
  • Gmail*
  • Outlook Calendar*
  • Gmail Calendar*
  • PieSync - syncs records between HubSpot's contacts and email contacts
  • HubSpot + Zapier* - an easy integration too
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator - must have Sales Navigator Account
  • Vidyard* - video communications platform
  • Eventbrite*
  • Slack*
  • Survey Monkey*
  • Call Rail
  • Canva
  • Facebook, Facebook Ads, Facebook Messenger
  • FreshBooks - invoice/accounting
  • Zoom*
  • Alexa *(testing now)
  • MailChimp - most of our clients choose to use HubSpot's email marketing vs. MailChimp.
  • Gazelle

*We use these integrations ourselves.

View Our Guide to CRM Software for  Economic Developers



What will the right system allow you to accomplish?

Increase  leads
Track BRE visits year over year 
Track project performance after the win
Win more Projects
Improved CollaborationMore Investors and Investment
Increase board confidence


  • Download our CRM Selection Guide.
  • Let's Talk about Our Requirements Checklist... (More info).
  • Call if you have questions and just want to run some ideas by us.
  • Schedule a demo when you are clear on your goals, objectives and requirements.

Additional Info and Videos

Don't Neglect Marketing Tools  HubSpot Marketing  Video - Economic Development

- Marketing tools should be part of your CRM evaluation.

- 3 of the 6 main systems for Economic Developers neglect this functionality entirely


The System You Choose Must Be Easy to Use  HubSpot CRM Video - Economic Development EASY

- Watch this video to see how easy HubSpot is to use. 

- People give up on complicated technology - HubSpot keeps it simple.


Ask About Your On-Boarding Cost 

- Reduce your On-Boarding Cost by activating only the functionality that you need.

- This is how we make our system affordable for teams of all sizes (from small, rural teams to a State organizations).

- Leverage Free or Limited Licenses 


Ask About Your Ongoing Costs 

- What happens next year when you need to capture new data or account for a new process?

- Who can "work on" or adjust your system and at what price? Can you made modifications on your own or do you need "their programmers"?


Dig In on your Data Migration. 

- importing companies and contacts is easy.

- the cost goes up when importing notes and activities. 

- be sure you can import data on your own in the future too.


How Much Does This Cost?

Our pricing is generally lower than Salesforce and other systems since we don't require a team of programmers to implement the software. HubSpot provides discounts. 

HubSpot has Free licenses that we may be able to use for your implementation as well.

Pricing is best explained on a live call.

*Incubators, Accelerators and Some Start-Up companies may qualify for Deep Discounts too.

How Soon Can We Start?
We limit the number of active implementations in order to ensure a quality experience. Contact us regarding openings in the schedule.
Do you have References?
Yes. We can share the appropriate references with you.