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"I just left the state economic development team and my colleagues would kill to use this over the salesforce system they are suffering with."


"We just blew our Board away with these reports - we've been using this for 9 days"


"Incredible dashboards and reporting"

"Marketing and CRM.. in one package - this system addresses all aspects of economic development in one neat package"


Why Our Clients Worked With Us...

Our CRM was too difficult to use

We spent too much time pulling data (for days) to produce reports

Our board was not happy with our data and reporting ... we fixed that with HubSpot!

We had "nothing" contacts, no database, no website...

We're a new organization and needed a jump start system we could afford

We like to win projects and needed to keep our team on the same page

Investor management was a priority for us

We couldn't track the time we spend supporting local industry and initiatives

We bought Gazelle and needed a marketing + CRM tool to target companies

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Project Management

Manage all types of economic development projects and the details you need to track.


Track and manage all contacts plus their level of engagement. Know who's opening email, visiting your website and opening proposals.


Track and manage companies - site selectors, allies, existing industry , prospect


Tracks prospects - leads.

If you use Gazelle.Ai - simply import company and contacts into HubSpot.

We'll show you how to market to these target accounts and only a few of your competitors (all other economic development organizations) are doing this today.


Over 100 BRE data points to choose from or create your own - don't get stuck in a BRE system that is not your own.

Year over Year Reporting

Identify Contraction and Expansion opportunities.

Identify new prospects.


Track and manage your business incentives.

Compliance tracking also available with some packages.

Know the status and value of your incentives being offered.

Attach signed agreements to the record. 


Own or lease properties?

Track all property details.

Track tenants.

Add properties to a project to see what's been submitted on the RFI.

Quick lookup with GIS systems.


Simple reporting allows for you to export data to excel.

Advanced reporting - build dashboard and reports to meet your needs.

We've taken the best industry reports so you can learn from the best.


Generate leads with our powerful marketing tools.

Local Support

Track all time and energy spend on supporting local industry.

Track outcomes, response time.


Make this yours. Add images, text and links, or connect data from your collection.

Disaster Recovery

Make this yours. Add images, text and links, or connect data from your collection.


Attract new investors.

Manage investor relationships.

Interface to QuickBooks.


We support a regional economic development approach and collaboration with a special build for regional group.

Site Selectors

Build relationships with site selectors and consultants.


Mobile app.

Works with Google and Microsoft Office.

200+ integrations.


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