Specialized Versions of HubSpot for Organizations in the Economic Development Ecosystem.


REPORTS: Share your Progress and Results 

If you cannot effectively tell your story and with accurate, clear reports - you will lose.

  • All HubSpot data is available to build, save and share reports.
  • Board members can view reports using a HubSpot FREE license. 
  • email reports in .pdf or in powerpoint.
  • Know who and when reports are viewed... and you'll know who's not reading them.

Better, Visual Reports Inspire Confidence and Trust



Our Versions of HubSpot Handle...


Existing Industry       FDI Attraction       Share Success with Reports      Attract Talent       Incubators-Accelerators   

      Develop Workforce      Attract New Industry      Mentorship


   Tourism     Support Local Industry     Raise $ - Investors


Project Compliance Tracking


Do You Face These Common Challenges?         If so, we solve for all of this.


  • Small team + Big and Complex, Must Win Deals?
  • Keeping the team on the same page?
  • Are you Attracting the Right Opportunities?
  • Scattered data - hours/days to create reports?
  • Keeping Investors Happy - Attracting New Investors?
  • Tracking engagement with community initiatives and existing industry?
  • Creating a vision that people can get behind?
  • Converting website visitors to Leads?
  • Effectively attracting site selectors?
  • Project management and reporting?
  • Storing data on available sites and buildings?
  • Managing multi-million dollar projects that impact your entire community?
  • Capture - Store and mining BRE data?
  • Developing a profile of local companies and key contacts?
  • Effectively reporting to the board Quickly and Easily?
  • Tracking incentives and compliance?
  • Tracking Company Progress over time - Results?
  • Managing Tenants - Program Participants?
  • Restoring Community Faith in our Organization?
  • Reporting to organizations that fund our mission?

We Work With

  • City, State, Local and Regional Economic Development Organizations  
  • Chamber's of Commerce 
  • Community Colleges - Workforce Development
  • Business Accelerators & Incubators
  • Talent Attraction
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Tourism
  • Accelerators - Incubators

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