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HubSpot for Economic Development 

"After looking at multiple systems, HubSpot's advantages were obvious - the software is much easier to use and navigate with less data entry"
"I wish I would have found you before I spend all of that time and money with salesforce"
How much will this cost?

Software of this Nature Requires On-Boarding Services and There are fees for the Software.

On-Boarding (One-time Fees)

We on-boarded a state economic development agency for less than $15,000. 



You can call them up and talk with them.

I often wonder how much Salesforce wanted to charge them...???

We activated Marketing, Service, Projects, Dashboards, Reports, Workflows and more. Fully customized and fully trained. 


Pricing ranges from 100% Free Forever modules to paid subscriptions. Our team helps you determine the proper mix of software for your needs.

Marketing Software - priced for the organization and is based on contact count and bulk email thresholds. Pricing starts at $0/organization per month.

CRM and Service Software - licenses are priced per person. Pricing ranges from $0 to $120/person/month.

Our Economic Development Accelerator Membership delivers an economic development version of HubSpot with training and consulting services.


Info on Marketing for Economic Development

Our competitors tend to neglect marketing entirely - or they push Marketo, Pardot...(both are costly).

HubSpot is known as the Inbound Marketing Company - this means that the strategy is to bring leads to you in an inbound vs. an outbound way. *Although, we advocate for both methods of lead generation.

There are 4 marketing packages and a CMS software tool as well. 

The EDO Accelerator Membership includes pre-optimized marketing modules. We also have Economic Development Marketing packages and industry marketing experts available to you as well. AKA - some of the best EDO marketers in North America.

Example - the website below was built using HubSpot tools by someone with zero expertise in web design (Tom Wengler). This is a working site connected to the Test CRM database we use during demonstrations (which you should schedule).

pic website

What Does Your System Cover?

Your Dashboards and Reporting are Driven by the Following....

Economic Development Projects 

Incentives and Properties


Surveys and Events 

StartUps - accelerators, incubators 

Tracking Assists - assistance provided

Integrations with other EDO software tools (GIS, Surveys, Data providers)

Investors - Members - Capital Campaigns for Fundraising


Project Management

Disaster Planning and Recovery




How does this compare to other solutions on the market?

The others guys will charge you for every change you make - with HubSpot you can DIY but we're also available to help if that's easier for you ....

Our key differences...

Helpful People Invest in Your Success

World-Class Marketing Tools 

DIY is easier 


Can I ask you a question?
Yep - just shoot us an email or better yet call us!