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OctoUX - our team has been delivering software to Economic Developers since 2010. 

HubSpot for Economic Development 

"Other Systems had too many pieces and parts 
...they were too expensive...this is easy & quick, a breeze to master."


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HubSpot's pricing is based on the functionality that you require.

Pricing ranges from 100% Free Forever modules to paid subscriptions. Our team helps you determine the proper mix of software for your needs.

Marketing Software - priced for the organization and is based on contact count and bulk email thresholds. Pricing starts at $0/organization per month.

CRM and Service Software - licenses are priced per person. Pricing ranges from $0 to $120/person/month.

Our Economic Development Accelerator Membership delivers an economic development version of HubSpot with training and consulting services.


Info on Marketing for Economic Development

The marketing tools that are available are incredible. HubSpot is known as the Inbound Marketing Company - this means that the strategy is to bring leads to you in an inbound vs. an outbound way. Although, we advocate for both methods of lead generation.

There are 4 marketing packages and you can buy a website CMS from HubSpot as well.

The EDO Accelerator Membership includes pre-optimized marketing modules. We also have Economic Development Marketing packages and experts available to you on a retainer basis.

This website was built using HubSpot tools by someone (Tom Wengler) with zero expertise in web design. This is a working site connected to the Test CRM database we use during demonstrations (which you should schedule).Schedule your HubSpot Tour

pic website

What aspects of Economic Development are Addressed?

Economic Development Projects - video - create deal provided by the State or Province.

Create a state deal



Incentives and Properties

BRE - video below

shor video-BRE data front and center


Surveys and Events (via integrations)

StartUps (accelerators, incubators) - this is super cool!

Tracking Assists - assistance provided

Integrations with other EDO software tools (GIS, Surveys, Data providers)

Investors - Members - Capital Campaigns for Fundraising

Tracking Project Outcomes vs. Expectations

Project Management

Disaster Planning and Recovery


How does this compare to other solutions on the market?

Microsoft and Salesforce are enterprise solutions that require programmers to implement and support these applications. There are more moving parts. Software and implementation - and support costs are expensive.  We recommend these systems for larger deployments and can point you to the best partners if your heart is set on either platform.

*Full disclosure, one of our partners has an ownership stake in a Microsoft Dynamics CRM practice that works with EDO's.

Smaller companies also offer solutions and some of them are quite good. The challenge there, is that the smaller companies cannot provide the same level of development or support that a larger company like HubSpot provides.

HubSpot is small in comparison to Salesforce and Microsoft. HubSpot is publicly traded and generates $400M a year in annual sales. The development that goes into this product cannot be matched by the smaller companies in the EDO software space.

HubSpot does not require programmers for implementation - this is a big reason why our implementation fees are low. We're not paying $120k/year software developer/project manager salaries.

Can I ask you a question?
Yep - just shoot us an email or better yet call us!