Recruit Students with HubSpot

Your Student Management System Can't Help You with Student Recruitment.

  • Enrollments are down across North America

  • Marketing budgets are limited and you need to fill the pipeline

  • The pressure is on and your current software tools do not understand how to help....

  • Excel and Gmail is not getting it done and your leadership team needs to see reports and results.

We've made it Easy and Affordable for you to Hit Your Student Recruitment Goals with HubSpot

We've built a specialized version of HubSpot just for you... 

Family Visibility

View each family and each person to see how they are all connected.

Recruit at the Parent and Student Level

Use marketing tools designed to help you connect and resonate with your target audience. Track engagement and see how engaged your recruits are.

Create a Pipeline for Enrollments

Use the pipeline to move families to an enrollment. Track the activities and manage this cycle to stay top of mind with your recruits.

Be a Reporting Genius

Create reports that show your progress, pipeline and results. Be able to show what marketing tools are working. Track inbound leads and successful enrollments.

Your board and leadership team will see that you've got it covered.


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