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HubSpot - Helping Local Government

Centralize Communications on 1 platform.

Oversee and manage, approve all posts to ensure consistency.

Mayor's Office

Use the Social Media tools to create and share messages. Plan social messaging in advance. Utilize the marketing calendar. Drive and track engagement.


Celebrate Staff

News - Announcements

Recent Projects

Facebook Live - Zoom Meetings

City Council

Use social tools to connect with your people. You'll use this much like the mayor's office. Use landing pages to showcase your projects, voting record, stance on issues, etc.


Use forms and meeting links to schedule meetings and get feedback.


Create a landing page for anonymous tips via online chat.


Share good news stories and office spotlights.


Use forms to get input from the community and staff. 


Promote safety best practices.

Support Industry

Local Businesses are your customers. Use HubSpot to support economic development efforts.


Economic Development

Workforce Development

Job Site

Job Training

Job Openings

Grants, Loans, Incentives

Special Programs

Community Development


Spread the good news and build your city's brand with story telling.


Landing Pages.


Social Media. 

attract New Residents

Optimize new and existing content to attract site traffic and increase program awareness with blogging, microsites, social media.

promote events

Events, Programs, Services...

Get the word out and boost participation. Show your vibrancy.

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