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- CPA Firm Marketing -
What are the key Responsibilities & 
Expertise Needed to Drive Desired Results for the Firm?

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Let's find out...Check out this job posting from Indeed.com:

"We are seeking a TALENTED highly motivated, self-starting, creative individual with a passion for connecting with current and future customers through content marketing, social media,and traditional marketing efforts."
*Clearly, there is a great deal of emphasis on Digital - Social Media. 

"The Marketing/Social Media Manager will be responsible for advancing the community and customer experience through online and traditional marketing. This position is charged with accelerating the expansion and use of social media channels as well as to bring a high degree of creativity to our existing methods.This position requires tight interaction with other stakeholders to ensure that our website, social media, collateral and other communications accurately reflect our brand to achieve overall sales and marketing goals."

"Applicants should have a well-developed capacity for coordinating and implementing marketing communication projects with responsibilities in social media, public relations, search marketing, advertising, brand stewardship and special events management. Familiarity with standard concepts, practices, and procedures within marketing and advertising is critical. Familiarity with a CPA practice could help the candidate hit the ground running." 


Why Us?

Our team is intimately familiar with how CPA firms operate - in fact, your firm is able to receive direct coaching and insights from Jonathan Frost, founder of J.D. Frost & Company.  As Jonathan's marketing team pushes their campaigns, your team can draft (expend less effort to create similar results). Software and Training from OctoUX

Coaching and Industry Insights from Jonathan Frost...

In addition to marketing, branding, and social media related work, this position will also play a role in 
tracking sales data; maintaining collateral and marketing materials inventory; maintaining databases; and preparing reports.  This is exactly why we deploy 
HubSpot CRM with the Frost CPA Accelerator.


"This position will lead our efforts to engage stakeholders with quality content, create content delivery plans, and maintain consistent,
brand-appropriate content as well as oversee and administer the company’s social media marketing and advertising."


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HubSpot handles all of this....

  • Executes new product launch - Frost CPA's utilizes Products and Quotes (found in the Sales Professional License - this approach creates a consistent revenue model vs. traditional, bill by the hour (although we do support both models).
  • Prepares weekly sales reports - handled via reports, views of sales pipeline by team, employee, product, etc. Dashboards and reports are reviewed at the weekly Frost Team Meeting.
  • Edits and maintains social content for communities - Social Media is managed using HubSpot Marketing Professional /  Marketing Enterprise licenses.
  • Website management including written and digital content, redesign as needed, SEO development and tracking analytics. HubSpot works with many website platforms (Squarespace, Wordpress, and we have our own website platform too (Content Management System / CMS).
  • Run and maintain all social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) with scheduled posts and updates - Handled using HubSpot Marketing Professional / Marketing Enterprise.
  • Support the practice tracking of incoming leads/prospects and adjust marketing campaigns. Inbound marketing principles are applied - inbound leads are tracked to a specific marketing campaign / lead source for purposes of reporting and measuring ROI. Leads are routed for quick and intelligent response.

     Our CPA firm would like to know more... 



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