Your Student Management System Can't Help You with Student Recruitment.

  • Competition for top talent remains fierce
  • Enrollments are down across North America
  • Marketing budgets are limited and you need to fill the pipeline
  • The pressure is on and your current software tools do not understand how to help....

We've made it Easy and Affordable for you to Hit Your Student Recruitment Goals with HubSpot

We've built a specialized version of HubSpot just for you... 

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We've optimized HubSpot for Organizations operating in the educational ecosystem.

Perfect Fit for....

  • Student Recruitment
  • Independent Schools K-12
  • Technical Colleges
  • Increase - Enrollments

Now You Can 

  • Market in an "inbound" way
  • Track website visits and engagement 
  • Score your leads
  • Properly understand and see the family relationship (Mother, father, siblings)
  • Opportunity tracking
  • Lead nurturing
  • email marketing (for the parents) 
  • Text + social media marketing for everyone
  • Online chat, website forms that update the contact records
  • Understand where the family is in the buying cycle
  • Reporting to show Results, Progress, Pipeline, and Marketing Effectiveness
    HubSpot student recruitment trial and demo

"HubSpot is awesome but we can't afford that"!

  • 1 of our 4 pricing packages will fit your budget.
  • We'll help you get the maximum discounts available from HubSpot.
  • Our pre-customized systems lower your implementation fees so you're off and running in days.

The entry price point - $25/person/month 

*1 year commitment required. Training is extra.


"Can you help us run effective campaigns that generate leads"?

Absolutely! - from audience creation, target marketing, social marketing, text based marketing, email campaigns, landing pages, etc. we've got you covered. These services are separate from the software. We can advise, coach, train consult or just hire us to execute campaigns and we'll send your the Marketing Qualified Leads into your HubSpot software.





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