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Our CPA firm would like to know more...

A CRM and Marketing Software Company that Understands CPA Firms....

OctoUX was hired by J.D. Frost & Company to help implement HubSpot for this fast growing CPA firm that knows how to acquire new customers.


JD Frost & Company leads with an innovative, Fixed Fee Pricing (FFP) model which is greatly appreciated by customers.

This is a very creative firm with a BIG social media presence. Jonathan Frost is seemingly "everywhere" in his geographical market because he's placed his firm in front of decision makers through marketing. Moreover, he's built a culture that is focused on customer value. 


HubSpot's CRM is used to manage their prospective customers and communications with existing customers. The HubSpot Marketing Professional tool is used to plan, manage, and execute marketing campaigns, website, landing pages and social outreach.  


The use of HubSpot Deals generates a comprehensive sales pipeline report that is reviewed weekly by the upper management team. This personal review along with the software is designed to ensure that customer requests and prospective clients don't "slip through the cracks".  


How many customers has your firm lost because we don't have a system to ensure that we are following up and asking for the business?


What is the average value of a new client over the years? Take that number, multiply by 5x and that's your lost opportunity cost (each new client should generate an average of 10 new referrals of which 50% will become clients of yours). 


Sales does not come naturally to most accounting professionals. This is why adopting the Inbound Sales and Marketing Methodology from HubSpot works so well.

How Do We Make Selling Easier and More Natural?

Answer: use of email templates advance the idea of moving closer to a contract and signed engagement letter or proposal. Well crafted emails drive prospects to the website and encourage the prospect to schedule a call or meeting. CPA's are experts and the strategy is to always communicate as a helpful expert...it's helping not selling.


Your Biggest Perceived Obstacle - "Changing CPA's is Not Easy..."


  • As contacts consume valuable information created by the JD Frost team, they warm up to the idea of making a change in firms. 


  • Making a change means that your prospective client must fire the existing CPA Firm. and hiring a new team to act as one of the company's  most trusted advisers.


  • HubSpot makes "sales" much easier since the emphasis is on finding a way to help.



Our CPA firm would like to know more...




We've taken the Frost CPA model and replicated it so that other CPA firms can ramp quickly to adopt this platform and philosophy.  And you can work directly with Jonathan Frost and the Frost marketing team as well. 


If & When you are ready to converse, we start with a 15 minute phone call so we can understand your vision and how we might be able to contribute to your success.