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August 2
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Business Retention Information - don't hide it in a report.




When viewing data about a local company, wouldn't it be great to see the current results from the company about the state of their busienss in their own words?


We thought so too.


I've seen too many EDO's put a lot of time into conducting BRE survey's but then the data gets burried in excel or in a report. When this occurs,  that data is valuable in the aggregrate, but not at the individual company level.


You need both big data to spot trends &  individual company data that you can use

Right Now & on your Next BRE Visit.


Here's a picture of a company record inside of HubSpot. Note: you can see of the latest BRE vist info front and center. Of course, this is only a fraction of the info and what's capture is up to you. This information could be super-valuable in your efforts.


Note: this data lies next to links to the company's social media links (1 click away), website, and and projects that are Open or Won. All of this data is in one place.



All of the data works together, giving you a great picture of the company across multiple channels so you can start a relevant conversation.


Allows you to see challenge areas and the actions are you taking to help out as a good citizen


Know when their next vist is coming up


Build upon the last visit by simply updating the fields with current inf0 - the history of prior visits is saved and viewable

 What about the visit history?

Here's a history of the BRE visits field by field so you can see what's changed between each visit. Here we are looking at their history of self-identified challenges.

History of BRE visits