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Recent Projects and some of our Valued Clients


economic dev logo generic

Several Economic Development Agencies - are live and running with a combination of Sales Hub (CRM) and Marketing Hub licenses.  Projects, Leads, BRE and much more.

CPA firms using Hubspot for sales & marketing

A forward thinking and fast growing CPA firm adopted HubSpot CRM and Marketing Professional licenses. We have partnered to create a CPA Accelerator that can be applied to CPA firms that are starting up, high growth or are at the mastery level.

Chamber of Commerce Hubspot Membership Sales and More

A Chamber of Commerce's sales team is using HubSpot CRM to sell Memberships and to acquire large donations from community leaders for their Capital Campaign. Company and Contact Data was imported from their Chamber CRM in a few hours. Their team is free from the ineffective legacy ERP system that not meeting the needs of the sales team. 

sales training HubSpot for Sales & Marketing
We are implementing HubSpot CRM for a franchisee with the world's largest training organization. Their 5 person team is driving new business and building deeper customer relationships using HubSpot's CRM and Marketing tools.
wealth management

A wealth management firm needed to get their sales team to focus on prospecting to generate new business. We implemented HubSpot + a LinkedIn strategy to start making local connections with the target audience. The wealth managers are using a simple checklist during the sales process that we developed. The checklist is an easy and effective way to start what can be a difficult conversation. This simple shift leads to clear communication and increased trust.

software company and HubSpot

A software company was able to drop an expensive salesforce subscription, saving money and simplifying the work for the sales team. HubSpot is increasing team efficiency and providing prospect insights & intelligence that helps their team to wins more opportunities. Marketing is re-implementing the HubSpot marketing stack correctly. Marketing and Sales teams are now on the same page. *We have worked with several software - ERP companies.

Technology Start Up

A Technology Start Up is ready for prime time - HubSpot is driving the sales effort and we are optimizing this system to go after 3 vertical markets. All efforts are being tracked, tested and managed in HubSpot.  Incredible sales growth is happening as a result. 

marketing agency

We worked with a marketing agency to help them identify their target market. HubSpot is in process of being configured to use HubSpot's Persona's, Deals, email templates, Snippets and real time prospect intelligence to drive sales results. As a result - this agency is becoming a HubSpot partner as well.


Commercial and Residential

A Commercial Real Estate Start-up is using HubSpot to track their SOI and all deals. Track, manage and boost sales results.


A Professional Football / Soccer Team (public owned) is using HubSpot for Group Sales and Sponsorship Sales. Marketing Starter and Sales Starter Licenses are active. A Pro Sports Team Accelerator is available for your team though OctoUX.