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HubSpot for Economic Development, Incubators, Investors, Reproting, Dashbaords, and Accelerator Programs by OctoUX

*In addition to the internal use of our tool, you may qualify for a HubSpot program that gives you ... and your clients Deep Discounts on HubSpot subscriptions. You see, HubSpot not only benefits you but also your clients - it's a differentiator for you in the market - we're starting to see Incubators and Accelerators compete for clients. 

Marketing - Tools for Inbound Marketing
  • Social Media - monitoring, messaging, message scheduling.
  • Attract new clients - supporters and advisors.
  • Promote your success. 
  • Drive new applications.
  • WebSite Tools - live chat, web forms, landing pages, calls to action.
  • Marketing Automation.
  • Identify the source of your leads.
  • Campaigns to generate the best ROI.
  • Marketing Calendar. 
  • Video hosting. 
  • Blogs.
  • Custom Reporting.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • Email marketing - marketing lists for targeted communications and outreach.
  • Track prospects on your website and their level of engagement.


    CRM -  Customer Relationship Management

  • Track- Companies, Contacts and Sales Opportunities
  • Manage multiple levels of membership
  • For active cohorts and alumni 
  • Track and manage clients, advisors, mentors, referral sources, investors, partner organizations, etc.
  • Application processing with automation and review process
  • Track and manage referrals 
  • Office space - tenant + property management
  • Track all services provided
  • Milestones- Track program participant results and progress 
  • Manage your KPI's - report to your funding sources & investors
  • Track alumni growth and results over time
  • Surveys
  • Events
  • Project Tracking
  • Sell Sponsorships

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