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The Octo U.X. EcoSystem  

We've optimized HubSpot CRM and Marketing Software for the entire Economic Development Ecosystem... where do you fit?

We have developed software building blocks that are uniquely arranged to support your business model. We've optimized HubSpot and have defined a specific set of industries that we can help best.

In short what you see below comprises our Octo U.X. Intellectual Property. This enables us to deliver a powerful and cost effective tool for your organization to run with. 

Workforce Development & Talent Attraction: Optimized CRM and Marketing modules

  • identify talent pipeline as early as 9th grade 
  • connect with workers using a well known professional networking site while managing contacts in HubSpot 
  • Community Colleges can drive more revenue by marketing and selling training programs to local industry / recruit adult students using our system
  • increase school enrollment via recruit + engage tools
  • track and manage alumni - effective fundraising solution
  • recruit talent to your geographical location
  • tech transfer 
  • Designed to Serve: private schools, community colleges, trade schools, talent -  workforce / talent attraction teams, EDO's and Chambers of Commerce

DownTown Development Districts - Special Districts

  • Market and Move - land / property development (commercial, residential, mixed-use)
  • Property Management - do you own and lease properties? We can help you sell, manage and service these properties and tenants.
  • Community Events - public/private events to attract traffic and shoppers 
  • identify and engage local business owners and persons of influence
  • create and manage community projects (transportation, parks, urban transport, etc.)
  • track and manage any incentives 
  • attract new business to the area - recruitment
  • sell sponsorships and manage memberships if part of your business model

Industry Accelerators - Incubators - Start Up's and Entrepreneurs...

  • attract cohorts, clients, volunteers, mentors and more
  • track cohort progress over time to visualize and measure your impact 
  • report to your board and investors
  • recruit high potential startups
  • host events, drive attendance, build awareness, gain media attention, sell tickets, make an impact
  • track KPI's like jobs created, revenue generated, and industries disrupted with entrepreneurial energy and drive
  • increase e-energy and entrepreneurial magnetism
  • market your community + attract investors 
  • report back to your funding sources - give grantors evidence regarding the results you help create
  • track your properties, leases, tenants

Industrial Park Management

  • market and manage properties, lease vacant space
  • track services provided to tenants
  • see when leases are expiring, manage contracts, maintain properties, market properties, collaborate with commercial realtors
  • sell properties - develop land
  • track results and share reports with yoiur board - investors

Engage Existing Industry

  • BRE visits, projects, track support services provided
  • make connections between companies
  • host events, roundtables, conduct online surveys, inspire - engage - expand and grow
  • identify new opportunities, offer and manage incentives
  • host events - roundtables
  • conduct community walkabouts to engage and collect BRE data and Insights

Attract New Industry

  • marketing, PR, lead generation
  • projects and collaboration with key stakeholders (State, Site Selectors, Regional EDO's)
  • track incentives, results, and company performance over time
  • manage loan programs if offered
  • identify workforce and property requirements
  • reply to RFI's quickly with mass intelligence

Memberships and Investors (EDO's & Chamber's of Commerce)

  • attract and serve those that join your organization as investors / members
  • chambers of commerce use this for economic development efforts + to sell memberships, sponsorships and more
  • run highly effective capital campaigns
  • run Key Performance Indicators using calculations
  • send progress reports to members / investors
  • Create, Track and Crush your Goals - then set the bar ever higher
  • events, sponsorships -  if you sell it, our system manages it
  • track engagement and drive retention with automation