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Winning in Economic Development is not easy.

You've got a talented team, a wonderful community with rich assets and a board that believes in you.

Your team of experts is engaged on many diverse fronts And it's competitive - there's a lot at stake.

Better bring your A-Game. Every day.

And other communities want to win as much as you do....

It's a challenge to retain and grow your existing businesses & you've got to continually attract new, healthy and growing organizations that are in alignment with your community vision.

You'll need a healthy startup community too.

And then then there's Talent for the jobs of tomorrow.

Using a CRM software tool that deeply understands economic development can help you attract interest and win key Projects.

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You're probably asking...

Do we have Marketing Magnetism that captures attention and inspires action?

Are we attracting the right projects that we want and that we can win?

Do we have a community of business believers?

Do we have the right technology to help you sell the vision for your community?

Are we tracking the details of every deal.

Are we ensuring compliance with Incentives?

Do we clearly know what existing industry needs to thrive?

Do people want to live in our community?

HubSpot for Economic Development Organizations impacts these areas and provides answers and insight.


4 Steps to Success

Get your Existing Industry Data, Site Selectors and Alliances "in the system". 

We set data points so your team sees the important details on 1 page 

The Dashboards light up to show right action, effort and results.

Market and Tell your Story to generate interest and leads.


HubSpot for Economic Development Covers 


Now the real trick here is this..."How do you make software that can do all of this, EASY?"

You'll have to see the tour to see how it all comes together.

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Here's a common challenge that you can easily overcome...

Your team spends too much time building reports from excel and multiple sources of data. And the data can't really be trusted.

Fix this and you will....

  • Strengthen the Bond between you and the Board / Stake Holders / Investors
  • Build Custom Economic Development Reports in Minutes that Tell your Story
  • React quickly to requests for detailed information
  • Inspire Confidence in your team's expertise
EDO project report by stage and capital investment and jobs year 1

Who We Serve

  • State and Regional Economic Development Organizations  
  • Local Economic Development Agencies
  • Chamber's of Commerce 
  • Community Colleges & Educational Institutions tackling Workforce Development
  • Business Accelerators & Incubators
  • Talent Attraction
  • Tourism
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Schedule your HubSpot Tour