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We've optimized HubSpot Software for Organizations in the           Economic Development Ecosystem

The software is crafted to fit your business model and budget. From small teams to statewide organizations...we cover the following:

  • State and Regional Economic Development Organizations  
  • Local Economic Development
  • Chamber's of Commerce
  • Industrial Boards
  • Talent Attraction - Workforce Development
  • Accelerators, Incubators, VC firms with a portfolio of companies
  • Community Colleges - Independent Schools
  • Tourism


  • Industry Attraction, Business Retention/Expansion, Land Development / Product Development
  • Economic Development
  • Tourism
  • Workforce Development
  • Talent Attraction / Student Recruitment / Internships
  • Membership - Investors -Capital Campaigns
  • Run a Business Accelerator - CoHorts - Alumni
  • Run a Business Incubator -Tenants - Leases - Mentorships
  • Manage a Portfolio of Companies (VC Firms)
  • Disaster Planning and Response (for economic development teams)
  • Incentives
  • Property Management
  • Interface to leading GIS Software systems

Where Do I Go From Here?

Here are a few options.

If you are gathering info...

  • Brochure
  • Checklist - this helps you to define your requirements and you can see what the software delivers
  • Determine your Software Requirements
  • RFP - RFI template - use this if you are building your RFP/RFI
  • Economic Development CRM Presentation with Video (this is a large file and must be requested by email)

Want to learn more?

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  • Check out some of our client reviews
  • Email or call us - it's ok. Let's just talk for a few minutes by phone to see if we can help and contribute to your effort
  • Schedule an online demonstration
  • Trial - try before you buy. No credit card required. Our system is so easy to learn that we will let you play with HubSpot. we must talk before creating your trial accountyou must attend a 30' Free online training session before the trial will be activated