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Coaches and Consultants - Reinforce Your Process with Clients via HubSpot.

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

If you have IP that you've created around Surveys, Projects, Sales, etc. We can help you add your IP into HubSpot and then resell it as a Product (Flat fee or SaaS model).

As you know, all training needs reinforcement - this approach solves for reinforcement.

Your time is limited - our model creates passive income with zero labor for you.

Let us add your IP into your Customized version of HubSpot as a Product.

We can deliver your specialized version of HubSpot to your clients in 24 hours or less. No labor for you. Set up is easy.

  • Create additional, passive income for you

  • Reinforce your model

  • Top of Mind Presence for Your Brand


"This version of HubSpot includes the T.J. Carnahan Investor Bond Builder - Boost your Investor Renewal Rates by 23%"

"This version of HubSpot includes the Sandler Sales Training Stages and Action Steps to reinforce the training your team has received."

We've already done the heavy lifting to make this happen.

After our initial collaboration, you will have no labor. We've automated everything.

If you want to know how this works, give us 15 minutes... (Click to Schedule)

PS - Sandler Sales has a free app. Check it out here

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