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Run Reports in HubSpot without the Reporting Add-On

If you are using HubSpot without the Reporting Add On, you can create Custom Views for the 4 main record types:

  • Contacts

  • Companies

  • Deals

  • Tickets

You can save and share your Custom Views and export the data to excel. This is an improvement for many organizations used to reporting in excel.

You can also use the existing, standard reports in HubSpot as well.

You cannot "blend" data between these record types and you cannot publish the report or add to the dashboard. For this, you'll want to use a Professional License Hub or the Reporting Add On.

With the Reporting tool, you're able to do much more. Reports like the ones below become possible. You can also report across objects so you can pull data from Companies and Deals, or Contacts and Tickets for example.

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