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Maximize Sandler Sales Training Results with HubSpot

If you invested in Sandler Sales Training for your team, you know the power of the Sandler system. All training needs reinforcement. Here are two ways to make sure your investment pays off.

  • Sign up for a full year or ongoing courses - weekly ongoing training is highly recommended. You can sign up here

  • Add Sandler Selling into HubSpot CRM.

We inject the Sandler Process using custom fields for Companies, Contact and Deals into your HubSpot Portal. And we can tailor this for you.

We'll pull in a Sander Certified Consultant - we like this team a lot...

Example: HubSpot will demand that your team follows a process that works as your sales opportunities logically advance into the next stage.

  • Secure Up Front Contract to Qualify

  • Invitation Secured - "We are Invited in"

  • Prospect acknowledges pain

  • Identify Budget

  • Identify Decision Process and Decision Making Team

  • Identify Pain and Individual Impact

All of the Sandler Submarine Stages are addressed. We know HubSpot and Sandler - let's bring this to life in your software to make the most of your investment.

You can schedule a demo of this via this HubSpot Meetings Link.

As you see below - Sales Opportunities can only advance when certain Sandler Conditions (rules) are met. This ensures integrity of process while reinforcing the training. The common Sandler Language is used and becomes part of your sales culture.

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