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HubSpot for Economic Developers - Pricing

Starting at $25/person/month.


Growth Suite

Mastery Level

Each package includes the Octo Economic Development Accelerator


starting price $25/person/month

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Perfect for organizations where....

You are caught between budget cycles and need a low cost option now - this is our lowest cost entry point. You can upgrade to other packages.

Small communities. Part time teams. Staff of 1-3 people. Budget challenged. When you need to prove ROI before moving into Better or Best models. 

This comes with Octo Accelerator I

  • 5 BRE data points
  • 5 Project data points
  • 5 forms (submit RFI, newsletter, submit company news, disaster recovery, schedule BRE meeting)
  • 200 alerts / month (know when someone opens your email, visits website, completes form or views a document)
  • 5 team documents
  • unlimited companies, contacts
  • prospect tool tracks site visitors
  • email templates
  • instantly pulls company data from HubSpot Insights database (you must see this)
  • gmail and outlook integration
  • Ad management
  • Deals / Projects 
  • Tickets to track industry support provided, BRE visits
  • 2,000 mass emails / month
  • website forms, online chat
  • 1 dashboard, 10 reports
  • export data to excel 
  • 1 personal meeting link / person
  • conversational bots for your website
  • live chat for your website
  • marketing lists
  • 1 automated email follow up 


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Growth Suite

starting price $163/month - 2 license minimum.

Show Me Growth Suite

Includes everything in Ultra-Light and...

Best if your organization has 2+ employees. The implementation and training provides the same online resources but also an 8 session training series and design sessions.

We are using the EDO Accelerator II which contains more fields and functionality, and gives you the flexibility to modify and enhance the system Initially with us as your guide and on your own as well.

  • Investors - Members
  • Incentives
  • Project Compliance
  • 100+ BRE data points to choose from
  • Supports regional structure so you can report on projects by city district, community, etc.
  • Link to GIS (LOIS, Zoom Prospector, GIS Webtech, etc.)
  • Access to our Reports Library
  • Ad management
  • email scheduling
  • Add pop-up, embedded, and collected forms to any web page
  • Team email
  • Live chat
  • Conversational bot
  • Email marketing - Create better emails with a drag and drop editor and personalization tokens. 5x your contact tier (min is 5k mass emails per month)
  • Marketing Lists power more personalized content in email, on the web, and more. 25 smart and 25 static lists.
  • 3 dashboards, 30 reports, out of the box reports and 1 additional productivity reports.
  • Landing pages
  • Unlimited email tracking and notifications.
  • 1000 email templates (5 in Good package)
  • 1000 documents
  • 8 hours calling per person per month
  • 1,000 email scheduling options 
  • email sequences
  • Tickets closed reports
  • Ticket Time-to-close reports
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Master Level

starting price $525/month 5 license minimum.

Show Me The Mastery Level

This may be the right choice  if...

Highly recommended for teams of 5+ employees. 

This package adds even more....

  • Advanced user interface 
  • email scheduling
  • Advanced Reporting
  • HubSpot will call you back in 5 minutes for support calls.
  • Project and Ticket Automation - Workflows
  • Use Quotes for Sales To Investors
  • Video hosting & management
  • 1:1 video messaging
  • Calculated properties
  • eSignature
  • Marketing Professional - the ideal tool set for full time, marketing intense organizations.
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