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Do you take a Regional Approach to Securing Jobs & Wining Projects?
Generate regional reports or isolate the reports to each city/county. Track regional impact and results.

Your regional economic development organization is able to handle projects like this...


  • A single project is exposed & visible to select organizations/partners to foster collaboration to secure a regional win.


  • Each city and county can input their data into the regional project so that the big picture of the region is presented to the company, site selector, or state.


And / Or

  • Multiple projects are created by the Regional EDO and the regional organization is able to collaborate with each city (or county) that is in contention for each project.


  • The regional organization partners with and represents each city during the process. Each city's response is only visible to the regional organization and to the city (or county).

Our team knows Economic Development and we've built this software tool for you...HubSpot's low-cost license structure makes it easy for multiple organizations in a region to share a common database so you can act locally and regionally.

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