regional edos

Collaborate and track projects involving multiple partners

Report on Projects by City, County, Region, Council District 

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  • Collect standardized BRE data from local partners 
  • Allow local partners to upload their locally won projects including expansion-retention
  • Generate reports for local partners
  • Track projects for each local partner

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Do you need Consistent, Region Wide Project and BRE data?


Reports by City, Region, District

With HubSport's Advanced Reporting Capabilities - never "run" a report again.

Automated Reporting partner by partner.

Answer the question - "What deals, projects, investments, properties, etc. are in my backyard"?


Are your community partners small / part time / underfunded?

We can get them on HubSpot for Economic Developers ultra-light for as low as $240/year. And they can run a mini-version of HubSpot that uses your same data points and KPI's.


A separate pipeline shows Targeted Investors, Investor Meetings and Investor Sales.


regional edos

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