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You'll find helpful toools and ideas to help you select the best software for economic development.


Clearly Define Your Team's Requirements.

That sounds easy but it's not unless you use some tools designed to help.

You'll want to get a vision of what's possible - the big picture... and then you can determine the functionality that is most important to your team.


1. Use our 3 minute form to define your requirements at a High Level.

2. Check out our youtube channel for videos - start with this video

3. Join our LinkedIn Group - HubSpot for Economic Developers. Ask questions, start a conversation, and see more resources here.

4. Our Comprehensive Checklist helps you see what's possible! This video shows you the checklist. You'll receive the checklist after submitting the 3 minute form above.

define your requirements for hubspot economic development

Experience HubSpot EconomicDevelopmentCRM with a test drive

Test Drive

Yes you can test drive an industry specific version of HubSpot.

To do that, we'll need to set this up for you. By now, we'll know each other a bit better and we'll have mutual trust in one another.

We're happy to invest time to help you make the right decision here. 


  • Your team must attend a group training session. This is FREE.
  • We will agree on the time for the test drive and we will schedule a follow up meeting to discuss your experience.

Common Reactions During the Trial...

We showed this to another economic developer who spent $25,000 on salesforce. His reaction         "I wish salesforce did this"...

"We've already started entering in our data. We've got 80 contacts and 50+ companies in HubSpot already."

"We just connected this to Outlook - are we going too fast?"

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Buy it

At this point, most likely, your team will start to Love HubSpot.

We'll provide a proposal - typically with a few options for you to choose from. At this point, you'll understand how the HubSpot licensing works and what you need to get started.

When you're ready - you'll buy the software and our services to get your team up, running and happy. 

  • Set Up and Tailor the software for you.
  • Training
  • Data Import
  • Connect to Outlook - gMail

You might as well go ahead and get your data ready for import. We'll give you the tools to make this happen. HubSpot Data Import Page

HubSpot design sessions with OctoUX

Design, Refine and Train

  • We will hold online design meetings with you. You get to choose which fields to use. Remember - the data you capture is your key to reporting!
  • The advanced reporting tools allow you to design reports and put them on a Dashboard.
  • We have a comprehensive library of reports that we use as templates for you to lean on.
  • Online group training sessions (minimum of 4 sessions)
  • One on One training may also be provided if you wish.



Share Results.

Keep Winning.

  • Reports are the key to building Team, Investor and Board Confidence.
  • Your reporting helps the team to keep driving in the right direction. And you'll see what's working.
  • HubSpot is now an embodiment of your Business Model based on Industry Best Practices coupled with your own techniques.

New ideas? You can update the system on your own (without a programmer) or we can help too.

Support? We're here to help but so is HubSpot. *Some plans give you live phone support which is AMAZING.

Test out HubSpot Support during Step 2 during your pilot phase.


We are Here to Help...

Experience How HubSpot's platform works for our clients.

When you're ready, let's connect to see if we can guide you on this journey. 




Report on Results


Sales Hub

Retain and Grow Customer Relationships.


Marketing Hub

Powerful marketing tools help you attract the right people. 


Service Hub

Track customer engagement and support.