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OctoUX is now Convergence

We provide clients with a Convergence of HubSpot's Sales, Marketing and Service Tools for Organizations in the Economic Development Ecosystem.

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hubspot helps close foreign direct investment projects in economic development - business expansion projects

HUBSPOT Economic Development CRM

Generate Leads

Close Projects

Secure Investors

Business Retention and Expansion

Disaster Recovery

Marketing Suite

Foreign Direct Investment

Jobs and Cap X


See why Salesforce is not your only option any longer.

HubSpot software can help drive better results for business incubators and accelerators

HubSpot Runs Business Incubators and Accelerators

Run your organization with HubSpot. 


You will market, sell and serve startup's better that you thought possible with a central system.


Ditch the spreadsheets and multiple systems that can't connect.

HubSpot helps communities connect workers students and educators for workforce deveopment teams

HubSpot for Workforce Development

Connecting talent with companies and companies with skill builders/learning institutions in your community.


*Also works for educational institutions to drive revenue. Community colleges, tech colleges, trade schools.

HubSpot for Tourism

We'll help you identify tourists and then get their permission so you can intelligently market to them.


Visitors bring $$$.  Some move to the area. Some will work remotely from your community and others will start a business.

hubspot helps schools to recruit students with better marketing tools and a CRM system

HubSpot for Student Recruitment

Better marketing to students and family.

Boost enrollment.

Market better with 1 system.

HubSpot works to support business to busines sales

HubSpot for Business to Business

Generate Leads

Close Sales

Marketing Suite

Customer Support

We've served:

  • software companies

  • payroll companies

  • construction

  • consultants

  • training organizations

  • membership organizations

  • chamber of commerce

hubspot is used by manufacturing companies that sell to consumers through dealerships or direct to consumers

HubSpot for Business to Consumer

Generate Leads

Close Sales

Marketing Suite

Customer Support

  • OEM manufacturers

  • Dealers

  • PowerSports

fundraising event for donors and investors

HubSpot for Membership & Non-Profits

Our experience with economic developers and chambers (they have investors), led us to incorporate a membership model into HubSpot.

Attract and Retain Donors

Sell sponsorships

Eventbrite integration

QuickBooks interface

Retain Donors and Investors

Raise more funding

Market better

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