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Here's who we work with...

Economic Development - Business Attraction, Retention, StartUp

Economic Development Our Clients include State Agencies, Cities large and small, Rural organizations and Regional Agencies.

Simple and Easy to learn - Award-winning, software implemented by EDO experts and backed by the HubSpot team (Ticker Symbol HUBS).

  • CRM to manage companies, contacts, selection consultants
  • Marketing- works on and with your website, email marketing, online chat, social media and much more.
  • Business Retention + Expansion tools
  • Projects
  • Video Marketing tools
  • email marketing
  • EDO assistance is tracked with Tickets
  • Full Visual Reporting and Dashboard
  • Outlook - Office 365 and Gmail interfaces

Ideal for organizations looking for a systematic way to drive better results by attracting new business and engaging existing industry and partners.

We limit the number of software implementations each quarter. Contact us for the next round of openings.

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  • Attract - marketing, application, social, inbound marketing, email marketing, capture visitor profile info, introduce visitors to your community.
    *Privately funded EDO's - attract investors and members, conduct capital campaigns.
  • Support - support companies in your business ecosystem. Really know what makes these companies tick. 
  • Measure your progress and KPI's that should be in your current strategic plan, share your results with your board in a visual, compelling and meaningful way. Measure project impact with custom formulas. Measure marketing ROI as well.
  • Win - you'll have to see how our system helps your team collaborate to win projects. We have "Perfect Timing  Tools" that we show you when you schedule a demonstration with us.  
Run your Incubator, Accelerator Programs & VC Firm

Unleash the power of HubSpot to run a highly automated, effective and efficient organization that allows you to attract companies that will win, grow and succeed.

  • Attract - marketing, application, social, inbound marketing
  • Support - mentors, courses, accelerator participation, track all services provided
  • Measure - capture KPI data from clients and alumni - prove the ROI to your investors and community
  • Grow - qualified accounts provide HubSpot (90% off makes this system Ultra-Affordable for StartUps). 

You may qualify for a special program from HubSpot, there are tremendous resources and DEEP discounts available for you... and for your clients.

We limit the number of software implementations that we perform  - contact us for the next round of openings.

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Workforce Development + Talent Attraction

Workforce Development

If you are selling training /courses to local industry as a means to develop an effective workforce, we can help. Ideal for community colleges, universities and trade schools.

Capture a workforce profile from your local companies. Identify workforce demand. Respond with training, new programs, apprenticeship programs, and enrollments.

Talent Attraction

Use HubSpot's marketing suite to attract and capture new contacts so that you can help support them in their decision to relocate to your community.

Track incentives offered 

Create profiles of workers

Introduce talent to local companies based on the company's workforce profile and demand

We limit engagements to 3 new accounts/quarter.

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Membership / Capital Campaigns / Chamber of Commerce

Raising money and managing members is not easy - you need a system to help you maximize results so we've built this into HubSpot.

Ideal for:

  • Membership Organizations
  • Capital - Investor Campaigns
  • Economic Development Membership Organizations 
  • Chamber's of Commerce
  • Non-profits / 501c3's
  • Technology Councils

If you are a membership organization that serves our vertical markets...we're especially interested in connecting with you.

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Tourism - we are actively building out our Tourism Accelerator to track B2C and B2B sales that impact the community.

  • Attract - marketing, application, social, inbound marketing, email marketing, capture visitor profile info, introduce visitors to your local tourism businesses.
  • Support - support companies in your tourism ecosystem.
  • Measure - capture data from consumers and organizations before and after the visit, measure impact data. Measure campaign ROI.
  • Grow - remarket to consumers and businesses, get referrals, and leverage these tools and visitor data for talent attraction.

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Startup Companies

We've got a proven record helping startup companies grow with HubSpot. We've optimized HubSpot and we'll help you find an affordable package to drive your business growth.

Disaster Planning + Recovery for Business (Ec Dev)

If your community needs a disaster planning and recovery tool - we built it when the last storm was headed to the Gulf Coast. Use our tech to get businesses back up and running. 

Ultra low cost - this is a great way to get started with HubSpot.

Ultra-light and quick to deploy - this combination of tools leverages HubSpot's FREE licenses. 

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CPA Firms

Leverage the same tools and platform used by one of the fastest-growing CPA firms in the US.

Direct, executive coaching is also available from this firm for your sales and marketing efforts.

HubSpot for Personal Trainers - Coaches

We have partnered with a leading fitness professional that coaches person trainers to grow their businesses.

This version of HubSpot will hit the streets by September 5, 2019

Other Industries - We are Seeking Client-Partners

We build "HubSpot industry accelerators" and are open to partnerships where there is mutual benefit.

We are currently building out HubSpot for Personal Trainers.

We are working with Franchisors that want to deliver a pre-configured version of HubSpot to their franchisees.

Quick Start Programs at a Reduced Cost

Sales, CRM, Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Customer Service, Dashboards, Custom Report Building, Training, Software Development, and System Configuration. 

HubSpot CRM for Economic Development Incubators Accelerators

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